Friday, January 21, 2005

BART vs. Subway

Gabby told me that I needed to include more personal information in here. Otherwise it would be too boring. I don't think thats going to happen. But here is something about my poverty, which is sort of personal to a lot of people.

Yesterday at work a fellow intern brought in some free vouchers for Subway sandwiches. He had asked me before if I would be offended, and I had said no. So he brought them in for me, because he feels bad that I eat ramen for lunch. Now I'll eat subway sandwiches, I guess. Maybe meatball?

I guess thats not really that personal, and not really that interesting. More personal and interesting may be that I didnt get the job on Vancouver Island running the Salish Language revitalization project, that I applied for a job at the Rockridge Institute (Lakoff) and my house is having a painting party tonight. Hmm, or not that interesting.

Maybe next time.


IntelliGirl Design said...

that was sufficiently personal - theres a persons name (ok mine) and something about how you feel. sort of. i mean about being poor. getting better. keep working on it old chap.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the job, amigo. Are you at least eating good ramen? get mom to send you delicious delicious asian tom yum ramen and add in some coconut milk and then you will live like a king. And get the italian bmt at subway, it tastes good with all the vegetable on there, thus maximizing your investment.

Anonymous said...

I liked the self-censor a lot. Sounded like an intersting job. Did they have any feedfack for you, other than, "No"? Subway is great. Keep those coupons coming. You will talk about these days years from now in terms of "When I was poor..." Beats tomato soup with tofu.