Monday, January 24, 2005

Only one milestone left

Its my birthday today, my golden birthday I guess. Various people called me, my uncle, father and mother, my brother and tyler.

I had dinner at a bar that I go to sometimes, the only place I ever repeat at in the city, a place called the hi-dive on embarcadero. Sat next to a guy who'd met elvis, spent 4000 hours aboard a ship as a merchant marine. Same guy was scared by how much he sounded, looked, danced and sang like elvis. He told me this over and over. The elvis part, not the merchant marine part.

The bartender, named Shine, remembered me and said hi. That made me happy, made me feel like coming back, even though the place is realistically speaking out of my price range.

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IntelliGirl Design said...

and then what did you do?

you went out with gabby. who then went home and drank some more. and watched four consecutive episodes of the kids in the hall...

happy birthday kiddo.