Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Rosetta Project

Here is a picture of work at the Rosetta Project. Thats Laura on the left and Lameen on the right. those are all the books we love to scan in the middle on the shelf. And here is a link to an on again off again webcam that sometimes shows the view out the window, though at the moment it seems to be showing the map outside of the computer room. Hmm. Check back I guess. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

What kind of books do you scan and are you involved in finding the books go be scanned?

moon dog said...

I scan a lot of different types of books. Some are complete grammars, published in a very descriptive vein and I just take bits and pieces. Others are dictionaries with small comments on stuff like the sounds, word order, and case marking. Some are pedagogical materials. I focus on languages of S. America and the Pacific Northwest.

I choose the books that I scan, acquiring them mainly at UC berkeley library but I have had some sent from other libraries as well.