Sunday, January 23, 2005

Your taco or your life

Yesterday I went on a great bike ride with Kurt up into the hills and then down south into East Oakland. A picturesque ride on windy roads past open fields and some extremely expensive housing. We ended up in Fruitvale and bought a bunch of meat and some tortillas from the back of some guys station wagon, only to be accosted later by an unbalanced, violent, threatening man.

All he apparently wanted was to share our food, and after two tacos, he took his bad self and walked off. Fonso, he called himself, in case that rings a bell for anyone.


IntelliGirl Design said...
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IntelliGirl Design said...

hmm, its getting more personal now. much more interesting. (dont you love having a blog coach?)

also... i am refraining from making any jokes about you and kurt sharing your beef tacos. or at least i am trying very hard not to make any jokes about that...