Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Beauty of the Analytical Mind

Here are a couple of paragraphs from an article in today's PI, the italics, of course, are mine:

As the two boys attempted to cross 15th Avenue,
[Nick] was hit in the head by the side mirror of a passing car.

Just weeks before, Seattle officials had removed the
crosswalk sign that had hung over 15th Avenue for years.
They also eliminated crosswalks at two other high-traffic
spots in Lower Queen Anne and Rainier Valley.

Their reasoning: Removing the crosswalks would actually
make the streets safer
for pedestrians. The traffic is too
busy and the cars are moving too fast on those streets for
people to cross safely, officials say.

This is the same reasoning we have in the Olympia City Council, for those of us who have been involved in sidewalk and crosswalk issues on the Westside. My mom had been trying for years to get crosswalks at the crest of 4th at Perry, but she got the same reasoning. Bleagh. Here is link to the entire article.

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chad said...

the analytical mind is one of the few that is it fun to be friends with. If data doesn't ripple as it passes over the pebbles you keep in your head, it ain't much fun to watch.

That said, I am posting because it is late and I am making no progress on this project and I am getting pretty worried about the review tomorrow. I feel like I have some stuff to say that excites me, but it has yet to coalesce into a project, much less a building, and even less a model. Maybe a section or two, but I'm starting to seriously doubt whether a model will be ready. We'll see.