Thursday, April 28, 2005

Innovative Burial

Came across this article today about different ways of burying people. Got me to thinking about the "Mold Project" and the possibility of burying ourselves and our brethern there in vertical positions. I know that we had, in fact, discussed this very possibility. And it was a relief, in a way, to know that the Australians are already doing it.

Maybe the guy with two suitcases, maybe he was practicing being buried when he was standing outside the white house......


IntelliGirl Design said...

when i was little and we passed a jewish cemetery my family would tell me that jewish people were buried standing up and thats why the headstones were so close together. I still dont really know why they said that. I mean, i assume it was some sort of jaded antisemitic remark, but i never really understood how this was insulting, or why they would say that at all. It seemed like such a weird thing to make up stories about that for a long time i thought it might be true.

This makes me think that some australians heard my family's weird insults and decided it might be a good idea.

Thinking about it makes my feet tired. I feel like if i knew i would be buried that way i would worry about feeling like i was going to spend eternity waiting on line at the bank.

moon dog said...

So, in response, I found some evidence that some Jews buried their kin standing, in Prague for example.

I had thought that some gypsy groops also did this, but that turns out to be not an actual practice, but instead a saying:

"Bury me standing. I’ve been on my knees all my life."

moon dog said...
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