Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Set Netting

So I just got a copy of my contract in the mail. Its with a guy named Sid Litchfield, to spend a month up in Bristol Bay fishing for Sockeye salmon. Tens of thousands of pounds of Sockeye salmon.

He is gonna guarentee me 2 grand says the piece of paper, or 5% of the total haul, whichever is greater. 5% could be as little as 1 grand, or as much as 4. Depends on the catch and the price. This year he is shooting for around 100,000 pounds. Thats a lot of fish killing.

The kind of fishing we're going to be doing is called set netting. Set netting is one of two types of gill netting that is done in Bristol Bay. The other kind being drift netting. "Set" refers to manner in which the net is deployed, while "gill" refers to the manner in which fish are ensnared in the net.

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