Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bart in the morning

Just arriving at the Macarthur bart, walking my bicycle, there was a woman trying to get through the newfangled turnstile. Her stroller, with her kid in it, was pinched by the gate and she couldnt pull it open. I hustled up a little bit, reached over and helped her pull both sides open so she could get through. Maybe three days before, the same thing had happened to me.

Funny thing was, as I finished letting her through, I realized that there was a bart employee standing, watching the whole thing go down, maybe 3 feet away. Standing there, talking to a buddy or something.

It was unclear to me why he would just stand there watching someone with a kid in a stroller, struggle, stuck in the turnstile, without helping out. Huh.

Oh yeah, and invite me to your snack fest! Pleeeeeeeeeeeez

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