Friday, July 22, 2005

From left to right

Thats the King Island, the Anne Marie, and the Raider. We're tied up to the abandoned Queen Fisheries cannery in Queen's Slough, in Nushagak Bay. We lived here for the final two weeks of our fishing expedition.

For the first week and a half of the trip we were anchored out by the mouth of the slough, closer to our fishing sites, but around 7 am after a stormy night, we awoke to discover that both of our anchorlines had snapped leaving us adrift and without the ability to reanchor ourselves.

Living by the cannery had its positive points. It was perennially calm, we had more privacy, and we got the chance to walk on solid ground whenever we felt the urge. Also there was plenty of stuff to explore. The cannery was abandoned around 1992, seemingly in a huge hurry. I believe it shut down during the middle of the fishing season, effectivly ripping off all of the people fishing for them. Which seems to happen periodically in this business. The buildings are all mostly intact, with furniture, books, beds, sheets, machine parts etc. All pretty thouroughly picked through after 15 years off sitting there. Nice way to spend a hour after dinner though.

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