Saturday, February 18, 2006

Punched in the Face

t.f.n. is in town. And when t.f.n. is in town there is trouble to be had. Last night we went to some bar in Nob Hill called the Hemlock Tavern. On the walk there, tfn saw someone with a blackjack. Is that what they are called? At the bar we met up with various maniacs from Oregon. We also met a man who screamed, the entire time we were near him, "Pants are optional. I am putting everyone on notice, that pants are optional." At the time, his belt buckle was undone, but his slacks were still intact.

Later, we crossed the street and paid three dollars to get into some place called "vertigo." There I met various women interested in what my initials stand for. One was named matta. Later, the bar closed. tfn was talking to some dude from spain and said to the back of my head, "this guy knows about spain." then about 5 dudes were kicking this guy against a car so we decided to fight them. then someone punched me in the face and tfn said, "hey we're cool" the guy who used to be on the ground was standing next to us saying, "they're punching me every five minutes, they keep punching me." then there was a lot of blood on his shirt.

Later, we posed the question, were the hell were his friends. And also, where the hell were our friends. Later, his friend did show up and screamed, "what the fuck, what the fuck."

Then we walked home. And we saw three prostitutes. But we both know the value of a dollar.

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