Monday, May 08, 2006

More vocab and a link to a wierd video

This is the link. Its a video of the power tool drag races, which I attended yesterday. This is the sort of thing my employers enjoy participating in during their "down time."

some vocab:

Windlass: A winch used to raise or lower the anchor. Usually on the bow of a boat.

Single Up: This is a command used by one of the captains, by which he means cast off the lines attaching us to the dock. I'm not sure if it has a more specific meaning. Also, I'm not sure if I am hearing him correctly either. ha!

Spring Line: This is line from the boat to the dock that prevents either the forward or backward movement of the boat depending on whether it is attached at the bow or stern of the boat.

Six-pack: A six pack is a common name for a low level captains license. It allows the holder to run uninspected vessels with up to six passengers. For example charter fishing boats. The license is granted upon completion of a ten week course. The licensee must have 360 sea days and be over 19.

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