Sunday, January 16, 2005

Possible Job Offer

Today I turned the compost in the vacant lot next door. Its not really a compost, more of a mound of rotting food--loaves of bread, a lot of pears, a turkey leg, various bits of plastic--but we added some dirt and some straw so now it looks better at least. Not so good that I'm gonna upload a photo though. It was good to be outside in the sun, feeling warm and smelling the familiar stink of exceptionally rotted food was good too, reminded me of working with Ann and the gang out at Left Foot.

Amber, one of my housemates, turned the compost with me. Or at least supervised the effort. Then she offered me work with her doing afterschool care/tutoring for middle school kids. Not exactly what I've been looking for, but a chance to start earning some money. Also a chance to get out of the crappy ass service industry. No night time bagel baking for me. Bleagh.

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