Friday, June 10, 2005

Now what is it exactly you do at work?

This is some ones tongue. I know her name, but I wont tell you. She says, recorded, some of the following things (translated): i give instructions, he rolls it out, i leaned him up against it. You get the idea.


IntelliGirl Design said...

wow, so much manual labor is really prepping you for a life at see isnt it?

Jeriko said...

hi, i just email, i haven't checked my blog since may, had no idea you dropped me a comment until today july first, after i had emailed you, as well as blogged about you.
you are very missed by me, i feel like i have been through the ringer so to speak. my perspective is changing.
call me as soon as you return, if even to just say hello. are you even coming back to the bay>?
well i will be in my apartment # 56 dolores terrace, you know where to find me so drop by if you can.
much love