Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Getting ready

I've been steadily collecting various bits and pieces of gear for my trip up to AK. Leavin in around 6 days or so, which means that crunch time is nearing...

I found this picture on the internet recently, which made me happy, and calm. The people look good, hard working, black and white. This being the sort of boat and sort of fishing connected to me. It reminds me to bring film.

Here is the list of what I have purchased so far:

Neoprene Waders: $70 (ebay)
Grundens Slicker: $90 (
Camillus Knife: $30 (fishing supply store in SF)
2x Poly LongUnderwear: $100 (Sports Basement in Presidio)
Wool Sweater: $4 (goodwill in berkeley)
4x Wool mix socks: $40 (various locations)
Watch Cap: $5 (easy liquor in oakland)

This is what i need to pick up before i go:

More sweaters.
More socks.
A raincoat?
Wildlife ID books.
Writing materials.


Any suggestions??


Fred said...

Be safe JD, and come back soon. We'll miss you at the office!

chad said...

Dillingham pictures, featuring the post office.