Thursday, June 02, 2005

On the way to work

Rising out of the embarcadero bart station, like joining the living world anew after the dehumanizing screaming of the bay crossing...

Today as I arrived at the top of the escalator I could hear someone shouting, sounded like they were crying out for help. Peaking out over the railing I craned to find them. Down the street I could see people looking across the way, confused, wondering perhaps, if they should cross...wonder if someone will help that guy, wonder what is up with him.

As I rounded the to corner to see, he was flopping around on the ground, still yelling. Now it was my turn to wonder. But then I saw the police. 10 feet to his left. The man on the ground got up, galloping, sort of lopsided, over closer to the cop. They talked, more police arrived. Then gently the man followed the police officer to van. No windows, grate behind the gaping rear door.

He hesitated just one, a momentary twitch. Apprehension, fear, premonition? Then pulled himself in to the white van, waiting for the doors to be closed upon him.

The police got in their cars, one got in the van, and then rolled slowly away. Just like that. No more shouting. I turned on my bike, and started my ride to work.

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IntelliGirl Design said...

wow thats depressing. thanks for brightening my day.