Monday, September 19, 2005

I spy with my little eye....

....something beginning with revolution!

So I've been feeling these last few days like there is going to be a powerful confluence of sorts this coming weekend. Of course, people will poopoo this idea as some Bakunin-esque revolutionary predictionism, but give me a chance, look at the evidence.

First off, all this is happening in San Francisco, CA, a bizarre, volitile human habitation if there ever was one. Second, its going to be the equinox, which has to count for something.

The events:

  • The LoveParade: A "love-weekend" festival happening for the second time in SF with 75,000 expected drug crazed participants.
  • Anti-War Rally: 5,000 to 100,000 anti-war maniacs.
  • Green Day @ SBC Park: The unexpected catalyst!

be there or be on the road to Tule Lake (one of the Japanese detainment camps) with me....


IntelliGirl Design said...

How could you possibly forget The Folsom Street Fair? Didn't you know that in Leviticus 18:22 it says that the revolution will be led by 400,000 shirtless old dykes on Harleys and moustached men in leather thongs?

C::h:a:d said...

okay jd. should you survive the revolution, I have a mission for you. It's off in the future, and it depends on you being in oakland then, so it might not work but. April 8-9 2006 is the Alternative Press Expo in SF, and I'd like you to go there and purchase an amazing comic (availible only through this method) called "hello world" by Jason Shiga. Then mail it to me. Buy one for yourself if you want. I'd go the first day because I bet he only has a few. Also, I bet it'd be a really interesting place to see, a lot of extroardinarily clever people all in one spot. L:e:t M:e K:n:o:w.

FreeThinker said...

What a weekend! Not everyone could find a babysitter, which might be why there was so many kids at the Green Day concert!