Thursday, September 15, 2005

What exactly does all this mean?

Some hip slang:

"4 on the floor": a four speed manual transmission located on the floor(?).

"Hardtop": supposed to look like a convertable, without a bar (called the B-pillar) seperating the front and back side windows.

"Hemi": an engine with hemispherical engine chambers, esp. Chrysler V-8.

"Six-Pack": a Mopar (Chrysler) 440 engine with 3 carburetors.

"bhp": brake horse power. "power delivered at the crank and available to do work for the operator." incidently, horsepower is the accomplishment of 33,000 ft. lbs. of work in one minute. uh...

1 comment:

chad said...

there is birdshit on longnow's window. As long as I have to just stare out the window, it could at least be clean.