Friday, September 30, 2005

Sold out from under me

Former miyata wheels, linked to in the previous post, were sold last night. Guy couldn't wait till Saturday I guess. Too antsy to get his $20....arg!

Going to go see that apartment for rent on lower nob hill tonight. I went by there last night and it looked tiny and probably dark, but in an interesting area, next to a little park and a block from a laundromat. Here is a link to a map of the location.

Lame thing though, while I was standing around taking in the couple of blocks, this guys walk by and yells at me. says,

"I'm not even a child and I am afraid of you. The children are AFRAID of you. You scare them. Do you know that chinese people call white people GHOSTS? They don't want you here. The children are afraid of you!!"

so, yeah, that was lame. but he had sunglasses on, and it was night. so I dont really know who he was calling a ghost.


chad said...

he was calling you a ghost. It seems pretty clear from the context: you and he were the only people around, and his previous comments were directed at you. Don't be dumb.

moon dog said...

"i dont know who he was calling a ghost" was supposed to ironic, like "who you calling a ghost (when you are one yourself)." and we werent the only ones around. there were children around.

chad said...

children are frequently ghosts.