Thursday, September 29, 2005

Things looking up

So a guy on Craigslist has got a bunch of wheels, from a Miyata no less, that he wants to sell. They aren't my wheels, but they're close. Only $20 and he's gonna drive it down to oakland this weekend. Its a 6 sp on a mavic rim like mine was/is, but its a campy hub, which is sort of funny, but cool I guess. Maybe I should buy a front wheel while I'm at it, just in case!

And I found some interesting apartments too, one in lower nob hill, and one in the mission. Nobody has called me back yet, but just seeing ads is promising.

Should be getting a huge (by my standards) paycheck in 2 or 3 days too, which will be look at....I dont really know if I have anything to spend it on. Not really. A deposit I guess. A '67 Pontiac GTO....some new pants.

Of course dudes with guns are still hanging around my house, and yesterday I ended up going next door to help with some electrical stuff in a dark ass, sketchy fire trap of an apartment, which was sad. And unpleasant. Looked into picking up a baseball bat too, but only found metal ones. Maybe later.

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