Wednesday, October 26, 2005

First day in San Francisco

Spent my first night in SF, awoke this morning, pre-alarm clock in a large bed with new sheets. It was around 7 am, but light outside. Almost a pacific northwest light, but too foggy really. I could hear rain spluttering down drainpipes and over shingles. Which was nice. First time its rained, for me, in months.

The shower was great and my new towels helped. I left without breakfast dressed in my buck wilderness outfit, wool jacket and stocking cap sans umbrella. A four block walk to the BART station, drizzly streets and plenty of doughnut shops and whizzing cabs. Still took me around an hour to arrive at work, but if I timed it better it could be more like 30 minutes.

Dreary up here in the Presidio, and quiet. Have a look.

I'm looking forward to leaving a little early today. See if I can catch a view from my bedroom. Then, the plan is, to paint it, avec S.P.



IntelliGirl Design said...

i'm sure your interested in fibromyalgia cures. Just as i'm sure you'll be happy to know that it was rainy in the east bay this morning too.

Jeriko said...

hey ..
how's your new pad??
how did the painting go last night...