Monday, October 24, 2005

Moving on over

So I've signed the check, paid the money, received the key. Its for real, its for sure. I'm moving to a new location. Around 19th and Capp St. in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Its a completely different type of location from where I've been staying the last 8 months (8 months!). While west oakland is empty and mostly quiet but for the occasional squealing mustang the mission district is full of bustle and commerce. In Oakland vegetables are limp, neglected, the good ones hard to come by. The 99 cent store tries to sell tomatoes and carrots, but still has most luck with doritos and little debbie snacks. Round the corner from my new digs in the mission, theres 2, 3, 4 vegetable/fruit stands spilling out from cramped storefronts. Not to mention the availibility of animated virgin mother wall decorations.

Not to talk bad about oakland either though, there is plenty of good to be said for where I have been living. But the differences are exciting, and I'm happy to be trying out a new location with a new couple of roommmates.

and of course instead of living 15 miles from work, I now live around 5 miles away. nice.

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