Sunday, November 20, 2005


what we were waiting for has taken place. i wasn't there, so I can't give an account that does justice. since I've now moved miles away from the streets of west and market and w. macarthur and adeleine. the culmination of months of waiting now, what the neighbors and the dealers and housemates have been preparing for and talking about and worrying about.

right in the fucking driveway of my old house.

dude, guess no one in the house was familiar with him, gets shot up. afternoon, i'm told, and he hasn't died yet. looks like he won't. drive by, who even knows who the fuck this guy is. doubt the was much chance for recognition. just hanging in a crazy place. quiet streets now. but it will all pick up again soon, with a new sense of danger. wonder if they'll grab some more guns. gloves. stand around waiting for the wrong car to slow down....

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