Wednesday, January 04, 2006

big city/small city

got back into san francisco, walking the crowded streets again, thinking about being again in a place where people dont know me and I dont know them. just had one day here before heading off to NM for the LSA conference so I decided to have a big lunch down at this place that has great cheap breakfasts I go to periodically.

I'm almost done when the waitress comes over with my jacket, actually my dads jacket, whose whereabouts I had just begun to worry about this very morning.....the cook had recognized me and told her to bring over my jacket which I must have left there like 2 weeks ago! the cook remembered! not even the waitress.

anyhow, moral is, guess people do know each other here. at least a little.


DangerMouse said...

You sure are a big talker. Mr."update this crap" doesn't seem to be holding up his end of the bargain.

DangerMouse said...

Watch you mother?!!!