Friday, February 10, 2006

So much for bike bliss

I wrecked on my bike last week. Ugh. An unpleasant episode in my recent bicycling love affair. Nothing too serious, and no cars or other people involved. Just my own goofball self, falling all over myself (and the bike I guess) in a hurry to rub myself all over the pavement.

Ironic thing was that I received a letter from my grandfather the same day I crashed. The body listed a bunch of undesireable possibilities (e.g. pregnancy, terror-ist attacks) and the suggestion that I should "Live in fear my little guy, as your president desires."

Well turns out I should have been taking his advice, however tounge in cheek. At least on that day I guess.

So now I'm just healing up, and wearing my helmet with that zealous furvor I have up to now only seen in others. Maybe I'll post some pictures of the gore, once I get my (nondigital) ass to the photo developer...

1 comment:

chad said...

If you had been taking tongue-in-cheek advice, the accident could have been a lot worse.