Thursday, April 27, 2006

My own itty bitty garden

there! see it? in the right hand corner: green! its a plant. its growing. stay tuned for updates. slow ones.

and lets see, more vocabulary lessons:

binnacle shelf: the horizontal area where the boat controls, dials, doohickies, etc are located. Examples include the compass, the windshield wipers. Actually, some research indicates that the binnacle is the what the compass sits in. In common usage perhaps this is expanded to include the shelving area around the compass.

egress: an exit

sea cock: the valve that controls flow of seawater into the boat. for instance, on our boat, a sea cock controls the flow of water from the bay to the fire hose. (no giggling please)


Anonymous said...

Have you considered hydroponics?


chad said...

on the topic of new words: I did some idle digging and I found that apparently a "Lollapalooza" was originally something real neat, a real humdinger. It was along the lines of the bee's knees, but earlier. Then the concert adopted it and it was choppped up and re-entered the popular lexicon as a suffix, "palooza", that meant a big awesome amount or event of something. So.